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The E-XHALE E-POD has been designed and developed with South African consumers in mind. A premium, high puff, industry-leading flavour, low cost, closed pod system known as the E-POD. Sounds impossible? Well here it is, all a result from your support. The device is launching with five cocktail-themed flavours to scratch every itch.

The E-POD is designed from hardened aluminium with a high-end coating to provide a premium textured feel and extended device longevity. Each EPOD comes standard with a *3-month warranty and is only compatible with E-XHALE pods. The pods are non-refillable disposable pods. 

The highest puff pod at the lowest cost, we enjoy comparisons, so bring a ruler

E-XHALE E-POD Features: 

  • Closed pod system, no refilling needed
  • 500 mAh battery/ power unit
  • Cartridge size: 4ml ( sold separately )
  • USB Type C Fast Charging ( cable not included )
  • Colour: Matte Black
  • Weight: 35g

*Subject to T&C's

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