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Puffs, what are they? And how are they measured?

Here's a brief: This we would regard as a very vague area of understanding. What is a puff? How do you measure a puff? Is it the same as a drag/ pull? Well we can only offer our testing mythology. A puff is tested on the average duration taken with a cigarette, this averages 2 approx. seconds from inhalation. Our device is then placed on an automated "puff" machine, which puffs for 2 seconds and allows a 5 second rest period. This allows for optimal battery and e-liquid use, i.e. the device doesn't burn out due to lack of liquid or battery running flat prematurely. Factors to consider when determining a puff count, here's a few: E-liquid capacity Battery size...

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Something XXL is coming!

One and a half years down the line, one could argue we offer the best tasting flavour profiles for any disposable or pod system on the market. How? quality. We pay for quality, and expect to offer nothing less than the best. Locally born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa we are the only disposable brand on the market, privately owned by a single individual. An individual with a passion to provide the best alternative to smoking. Your alternative to smoking. Through trial and error we are currently on our GEN 3.0 with our low cost device, providing 900+ puffs and flavour combinations never before seen Internationally. And soon we'll be introducing our new limited edition XXL device, coming loaded with more...

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E-XHALE, your alternative to smoking

While it is general knowledge that smoking cigarettes is bad for you, many still continue to smoke. In recent years, e-cigarettes have been introduced and marketed as a healthy alternative to conventional cigarettes. There is a belief that smoking e-cigarettes can be less dangerous than smoking regular cigarettes. At E-XHALE we pride ourselves on being innovative with an open door policy on all customers, as a means to provide a premium alternative to smoking. “While e-cigarettes are tobacco-free, there is evidence that they contain other harmful chemicals and still exposing the user to nicotine,” says Rima Himelstein, M.D., an adolescent medicine specialist at Crozer Health.  What are E-cigarettes? Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are battery-powered devices designed to look like cigarettes and...

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E-XHALE is the simplest, most straightforward device available. The device eliminates any and all of the usual complaints, confusion, and difficulties associated with vaping.  Can’t stand refilling a tank with e-liquid? You don’t need to refill a E-XHALE BAR.  Constantly forgetting to charge your e-cig? E-XHALE has the perfect amount of charge to last until the tank runs out. Don’t want to deal with piecing together the various parts of a device? E-XHALE devices are a single piece unit that doesn’t come apart. If you’re wondering whether to make the switch to E-XHALE, you’re in the right place. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about the E-XHALE disposable device, all on one convenient page. WHAT IS AN E-XHALE BAR?  A E-XHALE...

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