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While it is general knowledge that smoking cigarettes is bad for you, many still continue to smoke. In recent years, e-cigarettes have been introduced and marketed as a healthy alternative to conventional cigarettes. There is a belief that smoking e-cigarettes can be less dangerous than smoking regular cigarettes.

At E-XHALE we pride ourselves on being innovative with an open door policy on all customers, as a means to provide a premium alternative to smoking.

“While e-cigarettes are tobacco-free, there is evidence that they contain other harmful chemicals and still exposing the user to nicotine,” says Rima Himelstein, M.D., an adolescent medicine specialist at Crozer Health. 

What are E-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are battery-powered devices designed to look like cigarettes and provide nicotine. Conventional cigarettes involve tobacco being lit up and inhaled because it naturally carries nicotine. In e-cigarettes, nicotine is also inhaled but in the form of a liquid mixed with flavorings and other chemicals. This mixture is heated in a liquid cartridge into a vapor, which can then be inhaled.

E-cigarettes are considered smokeless since they produce a vapor instead of smoke. This form of smoking is known as "vaping."

What are the Health Effects?

While cigarettes and e-cigarettes have some differences, they both are ways to inhale nicotine.

“Depending on the brand, each cartridge is designed to produce 250-400 puffs, about the same number of puffs as from one to two packs of tobacco cigarettes,” says Dr. Himelstein. At E-XHALE our disposables contain 50mg of nicotine, your average pack of cigarettes is anywhere between 9mg and 30mg.

Getting addicted to nicotine can lead to a number of health problems. While not all e-cigarettes contain nicotine, most do. When you stop using nicotine, you can go through withdraw symptoms including getting agitated or anxious.

At E-XHALE we work off a three (3) strike policy with all retailers/ wholesalers, should our devices be sold to minors, ie: under the age of 18. 

Strike one (1):      Warning in the form of written and verbal.

Strike two (2):      Final written warning

Strike three (3) :  Immediate removal of all E-XHALE products, with possible                                    legal action.

We ask the general public to report any under age devices sold to email or call 061 548 2130


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