e-xhale e-pod versus disposables best flavour vape south africa with high puffs

E-XHALE E-POD versus disposables

More puffs, lower price, what is the best device for you? - Lets Compare!

To start off, both devices have their uses suitable for your every day. Whether it be heading for a night out, a day on the golf course or heading to the beach, we have a little bit of everything to suit your needs. Our disposables kick off at R99 for 900 puffs and R159 for 2000 puffs respectively, there is also a decrease in nicotine from 5%/ 50 mg in the 900 puff disposable vape to 3.5%/ 35 mg in our E-XHALE 2000. Our disposables use a cotton wick coil, this provides maximum flavour hit, whereas our PODs and E-POD utilises a ceramic heating element providing arguably longer lasting flavour beginning to end.




R89.99 RSP R159.99 RSP
~1800 Puffs per pod ~2000 Puffs per pod
3% or 30mg Salt Nicotine 3.5% or 35mg Salt Nicotine
Fast recharge, 500 mAh battery No recharge or refill required, 950 mAh
Best value for money POD in industry Best convenience and flavour hit in industry



Value for money = E-XHALE E-POD



We would argue our E-POD to be the future of vaping in South Africa, giving you the consumer the best value, flavour profile and reduced nicotine consumption.

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