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Puffs, what are they? And how are they measured?

Here's a brief:

This we would regard as a very vague area of understanding. What is a puff? How do you measure a puff? Is it the same as a drag/ pull?

Well we can only offer our testing mythology. A puff is tested on the average duration taken with a cigarette, this averages 2 approx. seconds from inhalation. Our device is then placed on an automated "puff" machine, which puffs for 2 seconds and allows a 5 second rest period. This allows for optimal battery and e-liquid use, i.e. the device doesn't burn out due to lack of liquid or battery running flat prematurely.

Factors to consider when determining a puff count, here's a few:

  • E-liquid capacity
  • Battery size
  • Voltage ohms
  • Airflow

An area to which we cannot control; is should a user puff for extended durations without allowing the e-liquid to soak the coil, this will result in a burnt taste.

Back to puff count, our device is rated for up to ~900 puffs, however many have reported close to 1000+ puffs. Is a puff the same as a drag/ pull? Maybe, but a pull for us is measured at an average inhalation of 2 seconds :)

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