E-XHALE puff best disposable exhale south africa xxl

Something XXL is coming!

One and a half years down the line, one could argue we offer the best tasting flavour profiles for any disposable or pod system on the market. How? quality. We pay for quality, and expect to offer nothing less than the best. Locally born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa we are the only disposable brand on the market, privately owned by a single individual. An individual with a passion to provide the best alternative to smoking. Your alternative to smoking.

Through trial and error we are currently on our GEN 3.0 with our low cost device, providing 900+ puffs and flavour combinations never before seen Internationally. And soon we'll be introducing our new limited edition XXL device, coming loaded with more puffs, more flavours and the desire to achieve flavour taste excellence. The best bang-for-buck disposable on offer, right here, online only.

This is the  E-XHALE XXL.

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